Design and Quality
Maipo faucets are carved from honey bras metal. This ensures solid strength, endurance and finesse in craftsmanship. Style and charisma are within it and wrapped up in the experience.
The faucets are pressure-tested for dripping and leaking. They are also tested for performance to make sure that they meet the most demanding requirements and standards. Rediscover style and charisma.
Maipo's exciting and diverse faucet range is a sight to behold. This is a complete universe of choices. Now, this treasure trove allows you to extend your vision to the entire room. Check out style and charisma.
Maipo's benchmark standards ensure that the faucets have perfect finish. Moreover, polished Chrome finishes are triple plated to last for years.The polished brass finishes are plated at high temperatures to withstand corrosion. All with style and charisma.
This controls the water flow under any condition or temperature, stops debris and is maintenance friendly. Style and charisma are inbuilt and so is the unforgettable experience.
Maipo's scientifically created faucets are born to usher in the natural flow of water and make it reach where it needs to. Needless to say, style and charisma are part of the thought scape always and everyway.